Meet the designer

Coastal inspiration from Cornwall

 Gaelle Penhallow

After a few years of running, promoting the artwork, I realized I had very little time to create new work and even less time to stand back and create for pleasure.

So after a break when I had my little girl, I came back to designing but having a “more hands on” approach and learning new skills and techniques.

Making lampshades was not something I planned but something I wanted to learn to do. It was one of these moment when I did something without a plan and the whole thing became a plan without me knowing! I enjoyed it but the striking change was that it gave a new outlet to my creative mind using some of my previous skills and some untapped inspiration. Suddenly, materials I had tinkered with and techniques I had perfected inspired me with fresh ideas and a new take on contemporary lampshades. After exhibiting in the UK and as far as New York and Dubai, I gained an eye for contemporary interiors but without forgetting the more traditional interiors. Influences from travelling, researching and knowing what is out there made me think that there is no more powerful work than the one you would be happy having in your own home. So from being a designer, I became a “designer-maker”. I now control the process and let commissions push the boundaries of what I have done so far.

Through a varied career, I have gained many skills, some purely about design and crafts, the others about practicality and functionality. I create designs that serve a purpose. I choose materials that fit with their surroundings and their function. I select techniques that offer a subtle contemporary  finish. I may on occasion use unusual techniques or materials as long as I feel my clients know it is perfect for them.

This is not the place for brash and bold colours but rather muted and gentle ones. This is understated and natural and my guess is that if you read this page to the end, this will only confirm why you liked my work so far.

What now?

Let’s talk, let’s meet, let’s have a coffee.

(if you live too far from our beautiful Cornwall even though this could be an excuse to come down for a holiday. If not, we can email or even Skype to exchange ideas).

Tell me about the things you love and where you see the lampshade fit in your interior. Let me show you some of the work I have with me and have already done.

I will go away, research and suggest a design. There may be more than one design suggested, each commission is different. We agree on a specification. I then craft and deliver.